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The flexibility of the AIM inertial measurement system together with advanced wave analysis algorithms creates a wave buoy sensor suitable for a wide range of buoy applications;


Advanced Wave Buoy Sensor and Firmware

Suitable for small shallow water buoys

Up to large multi sensor multi role deep water buoys


A low power field configurable sensor.

 he basic sensor consists of accelerometer, rate gyro, and magnetometer measuring real time 6dof buoy motions and heading.

Comprehensive wave data analysis options including deterministic (cycle by cycle) and spectral/frequency analysis.

Configurable analysis parameters, for example offset sensor mounting.

Flexible output options include all the standard AIM output message facilities for raw and reduced data, plus specialist messages for output of wave parameters.

Support for AXYS $TSP message and emulation of selected AXYS commands.


128GByte SD card data logger.

Onboard Real Time Clock

External GPS for analysis enhancement.

External GPS for latitude/longitude/time

Remote mounting of magnetometer away from magnetic structure and/or systems.

External flux gate compass.

External meteorological, wind, and current sensors with onboard processing.

Packaging from full environmental protection for exposed mounting to OEM configurations.