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NAWSARH Project. A unique project into measuring the downwash from Royal Norwegian Air Force Sea King air sea rescue helicopters. Design and implementation of robotic instrumentation system including 3D LIDAR measurements, plus data collection, analysis and presentation.

Crew Transfer Vessel Dynamic Impact Study. Simulated boat landing as deployed on offshore wind turbines. Objective to measure impact forces as vessel contacts boat landing in exposed offshore conditions. Development of instrumentation system, data collection, analysis and presentation. An article on this project recently published in Offshore Wind can be found  here.

Forge Welding. This project was undertaken over a number of years and involved the development of a novel welding/jointing process for oilfield pipe. The pipes were of heavy section ranging upwards from 5 inch diameter, although more typically 11 or 14 inches diameter. The process involved accurate pipe positioning in 6 degrees of freedom, induction heating in an inert atmosphere, forging the pipe ends using a fast accurately controlled trajectory, and post weld heat treatment with inline NDT. The photographs on the right shows a typical machine, together with a sample section of pipe. Control design and control software development and implementation.